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Is Kantian Moral Philosophy Inferior - 2034 Words

Is Kantian Moral Philosophy Superior To Utilitarianism And Feminist Ethics? Kantianism, Utilitarianism and Feminist ethics are the three main theories in the field of morality. The assumptions and arguments made by the respective theories vary in their approach. This paper examines the different theories and highlights the strength and weakness of each with examples. The goal of this paper is to support my claim that Kantianism provides a more substantive answer to the question of morality and good life compared to either Utilitarianism or Feminist Ethics. TELEOLOGICAL AND DEONTOLOGICAL ETHICS Moral philosophy till recently (20th century) was dominated by masculine concepts. The two main masculine moral philosophies are based on theories propounded by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill called Utilitarian and by Immanuel Kant and W.D. Ross broadly termed as Kantianism. Traditionally, moral philosophers have posited one against the other; as alternative ethical theories. Utilitarian theorists have looked upon this ethical dilemma as consequential meaning the outcome of an act defines the act as ethical or unethical. This is classified as teleological ethics. Kantianism on the other hand lays emphasis purely on the act itself, immaterial of the consequences. This means that an act is ethical if done for the right reasons. This is called deontological ethics. To illustrate the difference between utilitarianism and deontological ethical theories, we may exposeShow MoreRelatedThe Moral Dispute Of John Stuart Mill And Immanuel Kant1500 Words   |  6 Pagesethical path rendering reward with heaven. Aristotle’s theory and argument will be explored further in this review along with the works of some of his successors. The Moral Dispute John Stuart Mill vs Immanuel Kant Philosopher John Stuart Mill’s theory highlights utilitarianism and Kantian theory would be the total opposite. Mill’s position links happiness with morality and focused solely on the outcomes of an action. Philosopher John Kant’s theory emphasizes the importanceRead MoreThe Legality of Marijuana1415 Words   |  6 Pagesguidelines by understanding their moral and ethical obligations. They are the foundations of our day to day life. Whether we choose to obey or disobey the norms and regulations of our social environment is determined by the way we appeal to their distinct morals and ethics. There are many â€Å"ethical situations† in our society on which various people have various different opinions. The legality of marijuana is one such situation in the society regarding the morals and ethics. It is argued worldwideRead MoreUtilitarian Perspective On Feminism1563 Words   |  7 Pagesweaknesses in The Subjection of Women, and a comparison to a more Immanuel Kant approach to the discussion at hand. Prior to delving into John Stuart Mill’s specificities regarding women’s rights, it is important to understand his utilitarian philosophy of thought. Mill’s preferred method is based solely in utilitarian thought. His work focuses on the Greatest Happiness Principle, one that describes happiness as search for â€Å"intended pleasure and the absence of pain† (Mill, 17). This principle explainsRead MoreDoes Pornography Affect Women s Status Essay1996 Words   |  8 Pageshas a negative impact their body image. This explains why Hollywood films, including pornography, emphasizes male sexuality while portraying women as sexual objects. That is to say, women tend to play the more submissive roles and are portrayed as inferior. Additionally, living in a patriarchal society, women tend to be under the supervision of men, especially when it comes to marriage. Therefore, women are not free and they have no right to refuse sexual intercourse with men. In other words, â€Å"pornographyRead MoreFeminist Ethics : Ethics And Ethics2226 Words   |  9 Pagesreject other forms of ethics but it can simply be a supplement. It will help aide different forms of ethics to make them less dehumanizing. We can allow feminist ethics to conform our moral framework while taking the insights of other forms of ethics into consideration but still acknowledging their shortcomings. Kantian ethics shows that reasoning is important and that we as humans should know what is right or wrong, but how one reasons and how decisions are made may vary in different situations. KantRead MoreThe Moral Importance And Legitimacy Of Consent Essay2627 Words   |  11 PagesTori Patterson Mrs. Brickhouse-Bryson Philosophy 252 4 May 2015 The Moral Importance and Legitimacy of Consent Across our society, communities alike have rigorously debated about the moral importance of consent. Ranging from college communities filled with young adults to family communities with young children and protective parents, the topic of consent and what constitutes legitimate consent have been apart of a continuous debate. Some argue that if one is either slightly, obviously or completelyRead MoreImmanuel Kants View on Human Nature and the Relationship between Nations2105 Words   |  8 Pagesor states. Reflecting on human nature and writing about the human beings was the most important theme of Kants all writings. Kants study has emphasized three times that the question What is the human being? is a very important question in philosophy. Kant holds a thought that human beings are different from machines and therefore should be studied differently according to their natural purposes. He was also of the view that human being is the only creature which should be educated. KantRead MoreShelby Bryant . Professor Brandon Underwood. Ethics And1325 Words   |  6 Pagesalthough Ross did implement some aspects of Kantian deontology. Both believed there to be duties or moral obligations that we are to follow when making ethical decisions. Kant called his categorical imperative or perfect and imperfect duties. Ross called his prima facia duties, but both agree there are some cases where one may contradict the other. Kant’s views of moral law and categorical imperative leave a lot to interpretation of the reader. Does moral law from each person determine what they believeRead MorePornography Should Not Be Distributed Out The World1784 Words   |  8 Pagespornography is considered as immoral for its dehumanizing, degrading, and sexist representations. Therefore, pornography should not be distributed out the world. According to T.M. Scanlon, the central idea of contractualism in relation to its account of moral reasoning is â€Å"An act is wrong if its performance under the circumstances would be disallowed by any system of rules for the general regulation of behavior which no one could reasonably reject as a basis for informed, unforced, general agreement† (qtdRead MoreWilliam Baxter’s Anthropocentric Justification Regarding Regulation of Pollution1611 Words   |  7 PagesXXXXX XXXXXXXX Alex Hallam Philosophy 252: Contemporary Moral Problems 3 December 2012 William Baxter’s Anthropocentric Justification Regarding Regulation of Pollution Introduction: William Baxter addresses the issue of pollution, using a human-oriented method by which all value assigned to flora and fauna is dependent on each entity’s benefits to humans. In this essay I will briefly explain Baxter’s anthropocentric approach, attempt to show the flaws in Baxter’s arguments, examine his possible

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